This site has been created with a simple goal of learning more about Linux Containers and technologies built with and around them.

Containers have been around for a fairly long time, but only recently did they start picking up the attention of larger tech world. This storm of attention is by large part thanks to the awesome technology called Docker. Some even see containers as a way to fix the failure of Operating Systems.

There is already a wealth of various blog posts spread across the World Wide Web about containers, but whilst digging more into depth of some topics I’ve often found myself with a lot of unanswered questions.

I’m hoping that through the articles published on this site we will learn more about container technologies and through learning and sharing it will help us to solve problems we are facing (not only) at our jobs on daily basis.

I believe that better understanding of these technologies will help with their wider adoption by removing the fear of “insecurity of unknown” surrounding them. So hop on and enjoy the ride….